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          The home of Whiskey Flats  Barbeque Glazes!



A Product of the Columbia Gorge



The home of Whiskey Flats  Barbeque Glazes!



Owned by Troy and Stephanie Bausch, Whiskey Flats Gourmet Foods originated in Cascade Locks, Oregon, out of Troy's family-owned restaurant.  Troy started using his sauce in the recipes at the restaurant. It received such an enthusiastic response from the patrons that Troy was convinced to market it and after spending several years perfecting it, began bottling it for the public.  Now, with four flavors to choose from, plus two seasonings, there is sure to be something for everyone's taste. 


They can be very addicting!



Whiskey Flats Gourmet Foods

Troy & Stephanie Bausch

P.O. Box 537

Cascade Locks, Oregon  97014

    (503)341-5665 or (503)341-8156




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