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History in the Gorge

“Whiskey Flats” comes from the name of a booming construction town, which was established with around 1000 inhabitants in 1893.  At this time the town was growing with settlers, traders and get-rich-quick people, many living in tents, shacks and other makeshift structures. No churches or church services were established - only several saloons; hence the town became known as “Whiskey Flats.” The rapids or cascades near the Whiskey Flats area were a serious hazard, blocking passage for pioneers up the Columbia River. In 1878 the government funded construction of a canal and locks to enable river traffic to travel more easily upriver. Upon its finish, the locks were dedicated and opened in 1896, eventually changing the area’s name to Cascade Locks.



Cascade Locks, Oregon is located approximately 45 minutes east of Portland, on the south side of the Columbia River, and is in the midst of the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area.  Situated in a spectacular part of the Columbia River Gorge, the town is surrounded by outstanding scenery.  It now has a population of 1095, and is situated directly across the river from our sister city of Stevenson Washington.



Photo: View of Columbia River GorgeMore History of the Beautiful Columbia Gorge:


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