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Whiskey Flats Barbecue Glazes are great sauces from the heart of the Pacific Northwest.  They are excellent as marinades, or you can use them right on the grill!  Below are four of our mouthwatering flavors:  Classic Bourbon, made with Jack Daniels; Old Fashioned Hickory Smoke, a nice traditional Smokey flavor; Honey Dijon, the sweetness of honey with a bold Dijon aftertaste; Sweet Onion Habanero, a nice combination of sweet flavor with a slow, creeper bite of the habaneros at the end!

Remember! Our sauces contain no preservatives, added fillers or MSG.  Just great, all-natural flavor!They are cooked in small batches with the homemade taste of brown sugar, followed by the sweet, tangy bite of homemade Cajun seasoning.

They are great on all types of meats, fish or poultry.



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Master BBQ Kit:             $14.50

Includes: One 14 oz bottle of sauce

               One 1.75 oz Cajun Rub

               One 8 oz BBQ Seasoning

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Sportsmen Bundle:         $31.00

 This Offer Includes:

Four 14 oz bottles of sauce

                          One 1.75 oz Cajun Rub

                One 8 oz BBQ Seasoning

One Chili Starter

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Our BBQ Sauces

Single Bottle BBQ Sauce                   $5.00 each

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"Special" 3 Bottle BBQ Sauce     3 for $13.00 

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Easy Fix'n Chili Starter

New! Whiskey Flats Dark Ale "Easy Fix'n Chili Starter" is a slow simmered Dutch Oven Styled Chili Starter made with dark beer.Just add meat, beans and water.  Recipe on the label for a quick and delicious meal.  One jar makes one gallon of delicious Whiskey Flats Chili.

Single Jar                          $5.95 each  


"Special" 3-Pack Chili starter!                    $14.00

Also available in a case of 12                     $48.00

Cajun Seasoning


Great Value! Whiskey Flats "Cajun Seasoning Grilling Rub".  Use it on Chili, Meat, Fish and Poultry to spice up any meal.


    2 for $7.50


Grilling Rub & BBQ Seasoning (8 Oz.)  


Whiskey Flats presents their "Grilling Rub & BBQ Seasoning" Use it on fish, chicken or steaks or add it to your favorite chili, vegetables or marinades to enhance flavor.

    3 for $20.85




    One Gallon Jar              $25.00/ea 

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  Case Price- (12 bottles per case)     $45.00

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If you would like to place an order by phone please Contact us:

Whiskey Flats Gourmet Foods

Troy & Stephanie Bausch

P.O. Box 537

Cascade Locks, Oregon  97014

    (503)341-5665 or (503)341-8156



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